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The book also finally solved for me the mystery (which I had vaguely wondered about, but apparently not enough to bother spending two minutes of my life researching the answer) of where Calibri suddenly sprang from back in 2007With Just My Type, Garfield inverts the relationship, and uses his considerable linguistic chops to bring fonts to lifeRead more Reader software A list of software for your computer that can open ebooks purchased from eBooks.com Read more Contact eBooks.com Contact our help desk for further assistanceIt also examines why the "T" in the Beatles logo is longer than the other letters and how Gotham helped Barack Obama into the White HouseIt might even lead you to make more discerning choices the next time you have a desktop publishing project in front of youI can buy the whole family for a mere $492There is attention given to the development of fonts in various countries, most notably Switzerland, Germany, France and EnglandAnd on it goesYou can download iBooks from the App Store


It also included a few little jokes and anecdotes and these helped to lighten what might otherwise have become a stodgy essaySo be cautious of something that "stands out"Interesting aside I've learnt recently - the word clich is French and an onomatopoeia (a word that sounds like what it means)I liked the way that in most cases, the book gave an example of the typeface being discussed, especially the chapters devoted to a specific typeface, which use the entire first paragraph as an example, giving the reader a better feel for what the author's sayingBut once we were given the opportunity to use it, we took off and often overdid it, used the same typeface for everything (comic sans), or used multiple typefaces on a page rather than bothering with expressive languageBut for a fascinating read, Simon Garfield has tossed together photos, cartoons, and black and white renderings of takeoffs on fonts that makes this book read like an historical novel! Grady Harp .more flag 3 likesLike see review But if you find the one you are reading beginning to induce yawns, hang on for a few pagesThere really is a guy named Bodoni out there, first name, GiambattistaI wish Garfield spent more time here so that he could use the more precise language to describe many of the fonts that he discusses.Did a good job of using the fonts themselves in the text (though from a few bugs in the ARC it looked like maybe they were pasted textboxes on top of the text?--how daunting a task to be responsibl (3.5) First book I've read on this topic, learned a bitI liked the historical discussion as well as the brief introduction to the terminology of typefaces and typography


I can never go back to simply "reading" the title, instead I examine the font and wonder what subliminal message it conveys (and more often than not, the shop owner or movie poster designer might not even imagine what their choice o What can I say? This was one of the best books I've read in a whileIt wasn't written as a dry textbook-like tome, but rather as a narrative-driven, real world-connected, conversational historyA sexual deviant font designerI don't know how a professional would react to this bookI am no great shakes as a graphic designer, myselfbut as an interested amateur, I found it fascinatingNazisWalking down a street with no fonts on display might lead one to suspect involuntary transport to an unintended time and location, say Soviet era Moscow, or worse, SiberiaIt also examines why the "T" in the Beatles logo is longer than the other letters and how Gotham helped Barack Obama into the White HouseBestiality


3To see if a font will work there are a number of letters you need to really see - h, g, a and s being among those$30 isn't a ton of money, but come onIt just wont work.One thing I would have loved to have seen was a section that showed the various fonts side-by-side sure, there were words and letters in the different fonts here and there even entire chapters written in a different font while its history was told but not a section dedicated to showing as many of the fonts as possible side-by-sideSo really, today's inexcusable rule violation is what tomorrow hangs in your aunt's entry hall.2Whether we are writing a paper, a wedding invitation, or creating a presentation, the fonts we choose are important and impactful.But typesetting wasnt always at the fingertips of the layperson


Garfield is especially intrigued by the artists who are so devoted to the art of letters; they rarely get rich but they love their craftBut who would have thought that a book about fonts could be so fascinating?I like a book that makes me look at things differently and I am definitely staring at signs and notices a lot more than usual!I love the thought of 'font experts' getting all hot under the collar when they watch a film set in, say, the 1920's and observe fonts in it (on signs, menus, letters etc) that they know didn't exist until decades laterThat's how it isA must-have book for the design conscious,Just My Type's cheeky irreverence will also charm everyone who lovedEats, Shoots & LeavesandSchott's Original MiscellanyBut I also think that budding artists need the same access to art that people with money have, and that's why I would highly suggest that the font world get on board and stay relevant by creating a legitimate market that is superior to the pirate marketCertain of their creations were used so much they seemed to signal a shift in the popular tasteIn brief, reading this book is relaxing as well as character searching by means of our favorite fonts presented to our friends, colleagues, strangers, etc.more flag 10 likesLike see review Of course, I'll never forgive it for completely ruining any chance I'd ever have to simply enjoy a sign on a shop or a book cover or a restaurant menu, or any written item I chance to see around me 3d39b66ab9

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